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Technology Past & Present

Do you remember being excited about some new technology?

In one of college classes, my professor gave us a list of technology advances over the last 100 years.  The list mentioned a man several times named Kurzweil who has made (and continues to do so) incredibly accurate predictions during the last 30 years or so about the future of technology.  One of his predictions was that computers will disappear by 2019.  Wow!  Of course I had to Google that, and it turns out Kurzweil is accurate 86% of the time (here’s a cool article about that by Dominic Basulto).  

As we discussed advances we had seen, I remembered being really excited in my VOE (vocational office education) class in high school when we got a new, programmable typewriter: the IBM Correcting Selectric II!  The sounds it made delivered on all the hype!  Not only did it have automatic correction tape, but you could add a limited amount of text to type on command.  It sounds pretty tame today, but in those days it saved time spent typing an address, greeting or signature line on each letter in a time when businesses typed letters one at a time.

Looking back, the advances over the last 100 years are amazing for a gal who went to high school (gasp) before the internet, DVD‘s, CD‘s, smart phones, Netflix (which I can’t live without) and, well… before digital everything.  As I sit here typing this post about the future of technology and Kurzweil on my laptop, I’m trying to imagine how I will type without a physical computer.   It will certainly make travel easier.  What do you think?

What to call my blog


I’m developing a blog where I write about many topics, such as resume’s and resume services, but also struggles with deeper issues and even daily issues… I’m toying with names, do you have any suggestions?