The Howlers


Like a silent whistle, he blew 

Until all the angry dogs came

Curious and hungry they panted

Serve us serve us! 

He fed the howlers promises and feed them bits and pieces of flesh to keep them hungry for more 

He flavored rotted flesh with tasty poison 

More, more..they clammored 

He laughed while they ate, the poison weakening their bodies and dulling their minds 

With each portion, he strengthened his concoction 

Fill yourselves!  There’s aplenty for all

Follow me, for your evenings entertainment!! 

The drowsy mass of howlers followed him inside the Chamber 

The Chamber of promises was gleaming with glorious meals and treats and drink,…. and they dined endlessly on their newfound hope in the smokey ambiance ignoring the slight tinge in the air of something burning.

Ahhh delight… 

40 bones on every plate and a cozy private bed for all

Oh, they howled with delight, mocking the others as foolish mongrels who doubt, too blind to enjoy the splendor and too concerned by his debauchery 

Who cares!  Eat eat they howled..  Damn the fools, damn the caution… 

And the Chamber doors slowly closed to exclude the unwilling and permit the feast to unfurl 

More for us, they howled with glee 

Gobbling the food they could hardly see for the smoke, they gleefully awaited the carnival barker 

He guaranteed to entertain, he alone would master all solutions 

Feed the starving, house the poor, hire the jobless….  Yes yes.. see how he feeds us now 

Then mist filled the room, and the stage lights dimmed and a far away voice beckoned them to private beds to relax with their tummy full…the show would soon begin 

they rolled into bed satiated and drowsy 

The music went higher and the lights went lower 

The tinge of something burning gave way to a strong odor creeping in 

They began to feel queasy 

Suddenly, bright lights flooded the chamber

All the bowls were empty, 

Finally, the sound of howlers vomiting subdued and they began to look around 

their private rooms were cages tbeir comfy beds were piles of mushy rotting bones 

The howls of pain grew as the lights revealed their glorious chamber 

Once delicious bones now visible stacks of dead 

The cozy room now merely an isolation cell 

The happy guests painted on the wall as bait 

And the tinge of smoke turned into a thick fog as gas slowly filled the chamber 

And the howls turned to panic as the poison filled the air like fog 

They scratched until they bled to escape their cages 

But everyone they mocked could not hear their cries inside the impenetrable Chamber walls 

They had been warned.. begged…. Tearfully entreated. 

Outside the chamber, the bone cleaners watched silently. 

The Chamber wreaked of rotting flesh and nearby, the glinting wings of flies buzzed ready to feast on dead howlers once again 

And, unable to stop the carnival barker or save the howlers, they bowed their heads in sorrow and returned to the land of whistles wondering and fearful of the next band of howlers to go marching in 
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