No Lobbyists for Trump?? 


I saw reports on various news stations about the idea of the Trump campaign asking people he hires to sign a form agreeing not to become a lobbyist for 5 years.  As a person who documents risk and process for a living,  I chuckled at the glaring gaps in this otherwise good idea.  

Gap, you say?  

Yes. Big gap. 

The reason this act of faith is ineffective is it is a demand for a mere pledge.  Also, the government doesn’t typically hire lobbyists but rather lobbyists lobby their cause to Congress and are largely supported and funded by big money, dark money, corporations and super pacs.   

Ignoring that some fairly large lobbyists were immediately in the camp and shortly fired,  and many of the big names remaining are not exactly friends of the working folks…  Skepticism is reasonable. 

I question exactly how you can force other companies not to hire former or experienced political operatives?  The answer is that without an ironclad non compete agreement that is global…  You can’t. Ignoring that the oval office does not control corporate hiring practices or enforce the law…. This is theory that sounds good but ineffective. 

This is like obtaining a restraining order for a wife beater.  It does not stop them from hitting you or stalking you, but simply provides the bare minimum legal protection for the next incident if you choose to pursue legal recourse.  It sounds powerful, but paper doesn’t stop fists and neither will it stop people from seeking employment elsewhere or getting hired or serving as a consultant in exchange for advice, giving speeches, etc.  

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