Finding my feet 


Today, I wore my mom’s demand action shirt to Pete sessions town hall. I’m not a mom but that’s not a requirement, and when people ask what that’s about as they often do, I tell them briefly my story and why i joined, and that I’m a gun owner. 

The crowd was peaceful, but vocal, and Gun violence 🔫only came up once with respect to the mentally ill being able to buy guns. Mr sessions reply was about not violating the rights of some, therefore we had to allow this. I find this a rather odd answer since this logic is never applied when it comes to balancing the right not to be murdered by a gun, or the health care and social and employment costs of dealing with the long sticky impact of gun violence like I have for over 40 years. So, towards the end when everyone was seated, I stood up in the back so I could be seen. Mr. Sessions looked right at me. In that moment, my actions were more powerful than words. He will either ask who that group is or he already knows. I was seen. I even talked with a number of people about my story, and about the free gun safety training mom’s demand Action offers. 

The more I talk to people, the more I realize I must continue to be a meaningfully visible presence to help draw the connection between gun violence and money. Yes, we as a nation at times seem to care more about profitting from gun violence. So today, I stood today for victims like me who were kidnapped at gun point as children but never made it home, and I stood for women like me who were beaten by men with guns and made it out. I’m here to be seen because they are not. They didn’t get away but i did, and I’m here to tell the tale. 

#resist #momsdemandaction #everytownforgunsafety 

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