21st century holocaust 


I couldn’t sleep, so I’m watching the filibuster and discussions of gun violence and murder.  I survived my many incidents of gun violence, but it left its residue on me. 

Did you know there are currently 3 bills in Texas to require no training or licensing to carry hand guns?  Did you know in states that do require background checks, that police officer murder by gun declines 48%, spousal murder by gun declines 48%, and gun trafficking reduces over 60%.  Something to ponder. 

Maybe your reply is possibly that laws don’t stop criminals, so i ask, are you following any laws? I’m thinking you are, and not because you’re so perfect, but because laws encourage behavior, deter crime as well as provide a legal means to respond to crime. It’s about how the law is enforced, and that people use guns differently based on their personal situation. Whether you have one for protection or because you have snakes or wild hogs or a stalker, I’d like to know that everyone who legally owns a gun had a background check, some basic safety training and an understanding of the law as it relates to gun ownership in your neck of the woods.  

For all the guns I’ve used and seen, I’ve had very little training and a gun certainly never made me feel free. Freedom to own a gun is not the same as being free. Freedom itself does not appear because one has a gun, but because one is free from living in or with the fear that causes a person to want or need a gun to defend yourself from crime. That’s fear, not freedom. 

This fear comes in many forms, and some of it is real and some is manufactured, yet it has helped create our national epidemic of gun violence, and given birth to the 21st century American holocaust. As an American holocaust survivor, i can no longer be silent about the realities of violence that go hand in hand with guns. I don’t want your gun, i want a shared, civic response that is free of fear. 

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