I don’t know what represents interference to you, but apparently, our values in America are that government is “involved” and acceptable in order to control women’s bodies. However, that same involvement is somehow seen as “interference” when I need to care for that body.  It’s portrayed as acceptable to interfere in the free market with corporate bailouts and huge tax cuts, but it’s portrayed as unacceptable interference to use my tax dollars for my health.

Is your health “essential”?  The Corporate States of America think not, and want your dollars and your life to pay for it using a plan that requires our slow, painful and uncovered deaths in order to extract those tax dollars for their benefit and this is being painted in terms we must learn to address not in terms of outrage and shock, but of humanity.

The conservative argument is anti or pro-government involvement, which largely ignores the cost to humanity in terms of people and dollars.  Do we only value lives in terms of government definitions?  Let us ask, “what is a life worth to a corporation”?

What is a life worth?

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