Dear White People …


Dear White People:
If the only time you remark or share information about Black people is to show black people in a negative light, stop it. This shows that you have a lack of relationships with people of quality that also happen to be people of color.  
And if the only time you share remarks of notable black people is to shame other black people, stop it.
Both of these actions are racial fear mongering and stereotyping, and help to further white racial stereotyping such as that everyone from Texas is ignorant, racist, gun toting, backwards, angry, and hates black people.  We don’t, we aren’t.  Ok, I do own a gun, but seriously… 
For the love of country, PLEASE stop using the words “I’m not a racist… “. This works the same as when people say “trust me”, and reveals the true nature of your heart as being opposite of the words.
Finally, if you don’t know any black people of quality, now is a good time to make a friend.  Say hello to someone in public, at a meeting, at work, in church, at the grocery store, etc.  BEING NICE IS UNDERRATED.  
If you can’t be nice or make a friend, then please stop saying things that provoke racism for all people. I’m tired of all white people being painted as racist, gun toting morons and having to explain that Christianity does not include hatred. There’s no credibility in talking about your love of God when you mock his children. #NoH8

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