My Texas neighbors


Although businesses are stepping up, please keep in mind that those who cannot do now can do something later. Every little amount of your time and donations are needed now or later, one hour or one dollar. Please give locally first.

Here’s some good things happening…

Gallery Furniture, a Houston-based chain store, opened two of its nearby locations to residents seeking shelter.

HEB Grocery, which has more than 150 stores in Texas, sent its mobile kitchens to Houston to provide meals, pharmacy services, and ATMs.

Wal-Mart is delivering nearly 800 truckloads of supplies to the region. It plans to send another 1,700 next week.

KL Outdoor in Michigan is paying the shipping costs to send 2,000 kayaks to the region. Bass Pro is providing 80 boats. The Texas armada and Cajun navy along with coast guard are still rescuing thousands, most out of their own pocket.

Duracell is sending free batteries to anyone impacted by the storm.

Anheuser-Busch InBev sent more than 155,000 cans of drinking water.

Airbnb activated its disaster response program, called “Urgent Accommodations,” which lets evacuees find lodging, with all service fees waived. Those with rooms to spare can use Airbnb to offer their bedroom or home space for free.

Mobile carriers are issuing waivers and credits to customers in the area.

The owner of the Kansas-based Vapebar sent a truck load of diapers, nonperishable food, telling a local news channel that ” a lot of bad things are happening down there right now and we need to help them out.”

Volunteer Houston launched the Virtual Volunteer Reception Center on Monday, which lets those who want to help get matched with relief organizations and agencies.

A multitude of businesses are donating large sums of money for relief efforts, including Aetna, Amazon, Boeing, Caterpillar, Wells Fargo, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Lowe’s.

Waffle House has become an indicator of how bad a weather disaster is because the restaurant chain is so determined to keep operating in the worst conditions.

True world supply is using their disaster relief network to gather donations in North Dallas for evacuees in Dallas and Houston.

Texas Baptist men are sending their portable kitchens and clean up service crews to the affected areas to help pourest areas and feed people.

Many schools are allowing children from anywhere to attend due to all the displacement. Easy registration.

It’s just the beginning folks. People will need simple things like shot records, ID and many will have no car, home or face lengthy repairs and forced relocation. People will try to scam others, and it will be tiresome at times and frustration will rise.

So just know that you are all necessary and you will have time to fill a need, big or small, in the coming months. Let us lift each other not merely in word but in deeds. #peace #Harvey #texasneighbors

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