I’m a native Texan who grew up in a small oilfield town in west Texas and moved to Dallas as the 80’s oil boom went bust.  Dallas was a large scary place back then but I have grown to love it. I’ve worked as a contractor for about 15 years performing a variety of roles that mostly include writing and performing Risk Management, Information Technology, Tech Writing, Sarbanes Oxley, Audit, Compliance, Business Process Improvement, Policy and Procedure.  I also do resumes and interview coaching. Long ago, I was a secretary who went into customer service, then became an executive admin, an analyst, then on to helpdesk and QA work which led to working in small businesses helping them set up and finally deciding being a consultant was the way to go.  I’ve learned a lot about work, coworkers, culture, and myself and resumes and interviews along the way.

My writing began as teen on the advice of a family member who suggested I write to help me deal with my emotional angst.  I started writing poetry that improved over time and helped me figure out what I think and how I feel.  It helped me find my own voice and, at times, help others.  Today, I’m Tech Writer who wants to be a novelist and write about life as it happens.

My family is pretty typical today, but as a child it was not.  Both my parents were divorced before they married each other.  When my parents married, I went from being a middle child to being the 5th of 6 children and was blessed to have 3 great new step sisters. My new dad adopted us, and thus we blended despite some hiccups along the road.  I was briefly married, never had children, but I am fond of a growing swarm of nieces and nephews (and their children) who graciously and laughingly tolerate my idiosyncrasies.  

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered and endured many serious and tragic events and yet, life has mellowed me. New and wonderful things are always happening and I look forward to sharing my journey, past and present, with you in hopes that we all continue to learn in a loving and respectful manner.